Welcome to Personal Affairs Management. 


     PAM is a company dedicated to making the lives of our clients easier.


         We use personal concierge services to manage the complex details of everyday living.

Life is complicated. Even the most organized people sometimes wonder how they’ll juggle all the tasks on their to-do lists. Trying to balance work, school, family, friends, chores, self-care and the rest of life’s demands is challenging at the best of times.


The balancing act may prove overwhelming, though, when you or your loved ones experience major life transitions:


  • Becoming ill or simply aging, so that skills like driving or handling finances, errands & chores become harder:


  • Caring for a chronically ill or fragile spouse or parent


  • Adjusting to the death of a spouse


  • Handling all the decisions and details necessary to find a senior residence, downsize, and/or move


  • Becoming less mobile, being in pain, or needing frequent medical treatment


  • Assuming new responsibilities -- a new job or location, baby, grandchild, marriage, or divorce


These changes in routine are usually stressful for the whole extended family. Members of the “sandwich generation” are pressed to take on care of their parents while raising their children. Adult children of seniors may live far away, and often differ in opinions as well as their financial, emotional and time resources. Seniors want to maximize their independence, while their children want to protect them.


These common factors can lead to great tension and strife among family members trying to help in a crisis or chronically demanding situation.

Personal Affairs Management is your sharp pencil – we’re here to help you define what help you need, figure out who should do what, and cross out the bulk of your to-do list.